If you require prescriptions for regular and continuing treatment, it is not always necessary to see the doctor each time.  Repeat prescriptions are computerised and the tear-off slip at the side will indicate the date your review is due. Alternatively, make a written request and hand in at Reception.

Give 2 full working days’ notice.  Please DO NOT telephone.


Patient Services is available to ALL our registered patients. Once registered, you can order your Repeat Prescriptions online via your home PC or mobile device. 

To register for this service, please click here

If you're already registered, click here to order your Repeat Prescription.


Repeat Prescriptions

If you need regular medication your doctor may authorise the issue of repeat prescriptions.  When you receive your prescription you will also receive a tear-off portion giving details of your repeat medication. Please allow at least two to three working days to collect your prescription from the reception desk and three working days if you would like to collect your medication  from a pharmacy. Please DO NOT wait with your request until you have run out of tablets. 


Ways to order your Repeat Prescription

  1. Online via Patient Services
  2. By post, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope if the prescription is to be returned.
  3. Personally at the reception desk.
  4. By nominating a preferred pharmacy using EPS - you can either nominate at the Surgery or at the Pharmacy

In order to avoid mistakes and ensure your safety, we do not accept requests by telephone for repeat prescriptions, unless you are housebound. Please use the tear-off portion for your order.


Prescription Charges

People in the following categories are automatically exempt from prescription charges: Children under 16, under 19 and in full-time education, men and women over 60, people with certain chronic medical conditions, pregnant women and women within one year of giving birth.

If you have a medical condition that entitles you to free prescription you can complete a FP92a medical exemption form which you can collect from reception or download online. The doctor will need to sign the form to confirm that you are eligible.



It is sometimes worthwhile to buy a season ticket for pre-payment of prescription charges. Form FP95 is available by simply contacting the number on the back of your prescription side slip.